Floating Frac Pit Covers for the Oil Field Industry


Floating Frac Pit Evaporative Covers

The hot, dry, windy West Texas weather can rob you of one of your most precious resources for drilling and fracking operations - water.

To help minimize this loss, Big D has pioneered water evaporation control through the use of floating frac pit covers. Many operators have expressed that during hot months they experience loss of 1 to 4 inches per day due to evaporation. An air tight floating cover is a proven money saver for operators, substantially reducing the evaporative loss of water resources. If a frac pit will be used for more than a year, an evaporative cover should be considered, off-setting the loss of evaporation and save you money long into the future.

The ideal time to install a cover is when the primary liner is being installed, or emptied to perform a “dry” installation. Big D has installed covers when pits are full of water where the cover is floated across the surface of the water. Although not preferred, this technique is considered a “wet” installation. In instances where produced water is being stored in a pit, a cover can be used in place of a bird net.