1977 - 2017


The year was 1977, a gallon of gas cost 65 cents, interest rates were 7.75%, President Carter signed the Department of Energy Organization Act and Don Tomlin stepped out on his own to establish Big D. In the past 40 years, the Big D Companies have grown from a small, specialized company lining reserve pits to a turnkey partner in fluid management for companies of all sizes operating in the Permian Basin.

“My goal in 1977 was to start something that could evolve and grow to accommodate the needs of the energy industry while allowing me to support my family and provide quality wages and benefits to employees. The thought of building something for generations of Tomlins to come wasn’t even on the list,” says Tomlin, president of the Big D Companies. “While not every single venture has been a success, we have been able to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the ever-changing industry. From my son Nick and grandson Coby to the hundreds of valuable staff members, we are fully committed to expand services, improve processes and seek out technological innovations that will improve our ability to serve our customers.”

“We started working with Big D just seven months ago and, after multiple projects, have found that they are always available, responsive, well equipped to do each job and have very little need for oversight. The oilfield can be hectic at times, but it is a big relief to know that Trey Villanueva, our Big D representative, is willing to work with us no matter what our project requires. They are a highly reliable company that I would recommend because of their knowledgeable staff and vast experience in their respective field,” said James Crain, Drilling Engineer, Crownquest Operating.

Many of the opportunities that have built the Big D Companies have come from the innovations as well as the downturns in the industry. When the opportunity to replace costly steel pipe to transport water arose, Big D started a polyethylene pipe division. During one of the industry downturns, Big D began installing double-lined systems with leak detection services in municipal landfills, storage facilities and secondary containment sites. And, when hydraulic fracturing was still being proven, Big D added a water transfer division. Some of the most recent additions at Big D include mobile water treatment services, frac pit maintenance and a full-service yard in Pecos to accommodate the active Delaware and Alpine High basins.

According to Nick Tomlin, the company’s Vice-President and second-generation staffer, “Big D has experienced a heck of a ride over the last 40 years! It’s been a great experience working with dad for 29 of those years and watching the company evolve with the industry. One of our greatest achievements as a team has been to develop and empower an awesome management team that continually strives to be the best. My youngest son, Coby, came on board last year as a welcome addition, spent over six months training and is currently doing a great job as a Field Supervisor on our construction side. I’m just thankful I’ve had the chance to work alongside Dad for all these years and I am looking forward to doing the same with Coby in the next 29 or so years”.