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Frac Pond Maintenance

Big D is pleased to announce the introduction of monthly Frac Pond Maintenance.

Bacteria can be extremely detrimental to an oilfield well program. Once contaminated with bacteria, the well can experience souring, bore damage, quality issues, and conductivity issues. To address this, most well completion operations use disinfectants, of various types, to sanitize the water.

  • Water Treatment:
    • Aeriation systems oxygenate water and prevents bacteria and algae blooms from creating H2S in ponds.
    • Biocide pretreatment and treatment of ponds will kill existing bacteria and stop the growth of bacteria in the future.
  • Surface Management:
    • Site maintenance removes debris and litter and provides weed control
    • Fence maintenance and erosion control preserve the integrity of your pond
Frac Pond Maintenance