Big D Construction has acquired its smallest most powerful asset in its fleet – A DRONE!

Big D Construction has purchased its own survey drone for conducting site surveys, progress reports, and finished as-built reporting.This drone is not to be confused with a toy or a hobby – the drone is another “machine” in Big D’s ever-growing fleet, capable of capturing actual GPS survey quality point cloud data. What does that mean? It means we can take real time survey quality data points to create more accurate site designs, track job progress, monitor quality, and save time and money when compared to traditional survey methods.

The Big D drone can establish accurate progress against a design in just a few clicks using Big D’s online web portal. Within 24 hours of a flight, we can have access to measured distances, grades, and heights in a fraction of the time, and have the ability to share this information with clients. The drone portal creates a visual conversation with the Big D Construction team and the customer to make better decisions that save time and money.

Big D’s drone program is not only included in every client project we take on, but this service is also available for projects not built by Big D. Whether you acquire a lease and are unsure of the water volume of a frac pond, need a progress flight of a facility during construction, or need to see real time conditions of acreage not updated on Google Earth, Big D can provide that information to you quickly and cost effectively. We provide all-inclusive or “à la carte” programs for your specific needs. Big D’s in-house tech team can analyze the data and provide written deliverables via CAD drawings to report the data needed beyond the shared web portals access.

Please contact Todd Moore for additional information and any construction needs.

Todd Moore – 432-631-8444 – todd.moore@bigdco.com